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Calling it as ‘The Last Shangril-la’ on the planet is Bhutan sandwiched between the two giant nations, India and China. It is a Buddhist kingdom known to the outside world for its primeval environment, dynamic landscapes and fortresses (Dzongs).
The small landlocked country with its unique identity and history is the witness that the country with the population of less than one million has never been colonized and has endured its in-dependency over centuries. Bhutan is also known for pioneering the concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH).

Bhutan is definitely one of the favourite visited destinations for the tourists. The vast cultural diversity of Bhutan is rich and happy expressions of its ancient Buddhist culture.

Bhutan has already been marked as one of must visited tourist destinations but what adds to its advantage to attract more tourists is the recent news, Bhutan wins Earth Award for the commitment toward responsible tourism and the approach to tourism development and management in ITB Berlin on March 8 among other 100 top such destinations/nominations. ITB Berlin provides a premium platform for global tourism with over 160,000 visitors attending/participating.

Bhutan is the best destination for you to bag pack and fly to the country of happiness and take selfies to be posted in various social media. Grab your opportunities before someone else becomes the subject of your selfie. The government of Bhutan firmly believes to a policy of “High Value, Low Impact” tourism.

Punakha Dzong

Punakha Dzong